Seasoning imparts and improves the flavor of the food you eat.  Seasonings are made up of a mixture of herbs and spices that compliment one another and are mixed together with salt and pepper.  Seasonings, like dry-marinades can be used ahead of time in the preparation of the food by sprinkling the seasoning on 1-2 hours before the actual cooking of the meat to allow it to meld with the meat and help in the tenderization process.

But the great thing about seasonings is that they are ready to use now.  Use before or after the cooking process.  Use on vegetables and fruit.  Mix with butter and spread on bread and heat in the oven.  Use in dips to enhance the flavor and add spice.  The great thing about seasonings is that they allow you to cook in a healthy manner to improve the flavor of the food without adding a high salt content.

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