There are thousands of barbecue (BBQ) sauces on the market today.  How can someone decide which one to choose from and what sauce goes on what entree?  At Central Oregon Sauce & Seasoning Co., we are about sauces and seasonings that help bring out the great flavor of whatever meat or vegetable you choose to use it on. We sell a sauce that that will go on any meat or vegetable you can think of.  From our tomato-based sauces and our vinegar-based sauces to our fruit-infused sauces, we think you'll agree that these are the best ones in the country!

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  • Apricot Sauce
    Apricot Sauce A sweet and sassy sauce which has a mild smooth fusion of apricot, tomatoes, brown sugar and tasty spices that coats with a crisp freshness. Use as a dip, a marina..
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  • BBQ Sauce
    Barbecue Sauce Made from history of passion for BBQ.  From a childhood memory this sauce took years to re-create.  Once you try this sauce you will see how versatile it is.  Put it ..
  • Carolina Mustard Sauce
    Carolina Mustard Sauce The Central Oregon Sauce And Seasoning Co has created one of the best Carolina mustards in the country. With its blend of spices and pepper, it is more than just a mustard. ..
  • Honey Bourbon Sauce
    Honey Bourbon Sauce Our New Orleans style Honey Bourbon sauce was created as a full-bodied sauce with the taste of Bourbon Street and hints of honey sweetness. It has an intense, ric..
    Based on 1 reviews.
  • Mandarin Sweet N' Spicy Sauce
    Manadarin Sweet N’ Spicy The Manadarin Sweet N’ Spicy is designed to be a versitile Oriental sauce. It has a great taste with a little heat. It’s delcious on egg rolls, crab puffs, p..
    Based on 2 reviews.
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