About Us

Born out of obsessive focus on details and demand from loyal customers (see testimonials below) Central Oregon Sauce and Seasoning Co.  is the new company that Todd Goodew, the former owner and creator of award winning Rocky Mountain Products has become a part of.  With two decades of creating award winning recipes both in the BBQ competition and food service industries, Todd has met the demand of new and old customers who have a desire for new tastes and the latest food and flavor trends.  His experience has lead him to create some of the country’s first fruit based sauces and seasonings and continues to experiment with some of the newest flavor profiles and trends to create the ultimate products.  His culinary vision is constantly keeping him in front of the competition so that we can bring you some of the best products with the highest quality of ingredients.

In late 2013, Todd put together a savvy group of investors to start up the new sauce and seasoning company.   The new company started operations in Jan 2014.  Our plant is designed for customized production, with high efficiency and low overhead.  We have incorporated a sales area to display the products and to be open to the public.  With the public area we have the opportunity to not only display new and exciting products but to include a spice island sales area giving customers great values on everyday spice cupboard essentials.

Central Oregon Sauce and Seasoning Co has the ability to bring you new and exciting recipes with better ingredients with no fats, no cholesterol, no glutens, and new flavor profiles.  We are in the process of developing a new line of Drizzle Sauces, Oregon Moonshine Sauces, and some other exciting tastes.  Because of the trends in the food industry we are keen to listen to our customers and look at the latest flavor profiles out in the market and create products that people want and are demanding.  

Many customers like the traditional flavors of sauces, but there is a new generation looking for the latest twists to old concepts.   Products that incorporate innovative flavors and ingredients like the many different kinds of Beer, Moonshine, Peppers, and Spices that are so popular.  There are new Brewing Bars and Spirit Distilleries opening up all over the country and looking to incorporate their blends into sauces, a drizzle, or a seasoning blend to enhance their offerings to their customers.   It is our mission at Central Oregon Sauce and Seasoning Co is to incorporate the old favorites with new ideas.   Provide customers and chefs with innovative ways to create and enjoy the ever changing and constant appeal of sauces, spices and flavors.

So whether you are a backyard griller, prize winning pit master, chef extraordinaire or home cook.  We have the ingredients you need to be the best at what you do.  Because we are the best at what we do.  

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